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I can't think of anything more Newgrounds than a group of talented animators and creators all coming together to repeatedly torment and murder the shit out of a videogame character they all share a disain for in the most brutal ways imaginable.

10/10 I approve.

mikelzNG responds:

appreciate ya brudda

Coming back to this series as an adult is almost jarring, in a way. RAB has been a series I have been deeply nostalgic for and it probably influenced a large portion of my sense of humor and my outlook on comedy (for better or for worse).

Even though this is blatantly crude and intentionally offensive, I still love it. Has it held up over the years? That's not my call to make. But I do see myself coming back to the series and watching it for old time's sake.

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this game about clicking random creatures with a mouse is so engaging and enjoyably simple, while also adding a level of challenge that actually surprised me!

The music is simple and effective and the graphics are fun to look at!

I definitely recommend it!

Such a rush of nostalgia to play this again! For online games, this always felt like it was ahead of the curb to me. I was a lot younger then so I might have nostalgia goggles on, but I still love this game, despite its flaws.

oh my God my CHILDHOOD! I spent so many hours playing Nimian Hunter and Nimian Flyer Legends growing up! This was such a standout game back in my youth and I'm so glad to finally find it again!

I desperately need to do a full playthrough of both on my stream just for pure nostalgia purposes!

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Yooooo! This is so good! You really did justice to her design in this one, especially with her eyes and facial expression! This is probably one of my favorite Miku pieces of yours! Keep up the amazing work, Basement Goblin!

Basement-Goblin responds:

Thank you!

10/10 I really love the tired Miku aesthetic and you captured it perfectly here!

I adore this! 10/10 I would absolutely let this miku into my home.

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